When my best friend was sent to Seoul for work, I decided to tag along. After discovering a similar drawstring makeup bag in a shop in a popular shopping district, I was sold.

The bag solved a problem I had always faced. It made it easy to fit what I wanted into my makeup bag. No more brushes that are too tall for the opening, no more packing larger products separately. Sure, it wasn’t a Mary Poppins bag but everything I considered a priority fit, finally! The endless re-packing puzzle was over, everything scooped up inside instead. The flattening function was great because you could see everything at a glance, there was no more digging around.

And so, after a few days of using my new miracle bag, I knew I had to bring them to the US. A few tweaks and 3 prototypes later, Guru Pouch was born! And I'm so excited to share it with you.

xoxo Dani